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i-GO and Prolens going together


Prolens is the exclusive distributor for Euclid Systems Corporation in Europe.

Our Optometrists at our professional service team will assist you through the entire fitting process.

We take readings from most topographers and provide fitting assistance on your request.

Orders can be sent by mail to:

Shape the Future of Vision

Join Euclid, a Global Leader in Advanced Orthokeratology for Myopia Management. For 20+ years, Euclid has refined the art and science of myopia management. Around the world, Euclid focused on today’s most challenging regions, like Asia, where myopia rates first reached epidemic levels. Euclid’s designs are one of today’s most innovative Ortho-K designs in the world.

As myopia’s impact climbs across the globe, Euclid partnering with an increasing number of select eye care professionals, so more patients can benefit from the sophisticated, yet simple and modern design of Euclid lenses.


Three Factor Fitting With No Trial Set Required

Your chair time is critical.

The modern Euclid Ortho-K treatment is simple to implement in your practice, thanks to the power of three factor fitting. All we need are the following parameters: Rx, K readings, and HVID. Using Euclid’s proprietary algorithms, we do the rest—designing lenses specifically for your patient. This efficient, empirical process is devoid of guesswork and yields a more than 87% first fit* and 95.5% fit success**. And with no trial set, you’re set on day one, without any investment outlay.
*Based on internal data | **With up to 1 exchange

Just provide these three parameters and Euclid’s proprietary algorithms will do the rest

Rx, K’s, HVID


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