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Our Mission


We are your busines patrner


The strategic focus of Prolens is the optimum all-round supply of the eye care professional (optometrist/ ophthalmologist) and pharmacies regarding contact lenses, care products, accessories.

We select market segments and suppliers aware of to offer our customers innovative products with regard to high functionality, quality and value.
The intensive interaction between the individual business units creates a synergy for optimal support of our customers.
Together with our partners, customers and suppliers, we maintain intensive, aimed at permanent partnerships. So that we can exploit the potential maximum mutual benefits and reduce costs and risks. We place on quality as well as efficient development and logistics partnerships Particular emphasis.
By measuring the customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and market share we are the basis for continuous improvement.


A little bit of history


As W. Ott founded his own company for the production of contact lenses in 1959, he did so in order to have for an individual adaptation of contact lenses not only verschiedenene diameter, but also a number of flats available.

At that time.

The reproducibility of lenses depended almost exclusively on the technical skills of its employees. Moreover geometries that are based on the topometry the cornea could realize only unsatisfactory.

With the aim to produce and can adapt to aspherical lenses, developed W. Ott, together with the company Gfeller, the famous industrial copying lathes.

Quick one came back but from a purely aspherical geometry from, since the optical performance of these lenses are not convinced. In 1971 the production of aspherical lenses has been discontinued.

Even today, however, are these copying lathes world with many contact lens manufacturers in the use and in the former Eastern states often means a Swiss-copying machine to get started in a new technology. That was hi-tech!

In 1990, the computer-controlled machines from the American manufacturer DAC put into operation.

A new era had begun:

  •    new geometries could finally be realized.

  •     the new lens materials were the gentle processing the Need

  •     it achieves a surface quality that no longer makes a polishing imperative

  •     the polish is only the "refinement" of the land and takes only a few seconds

Thus the Kopierdrehmaschienen had finally had its day in Prolens.



Quality assurance is an increasingly important part of any production. Early on the course have been provided for in Prolens. Since 2010, the Topo contact lenses are manufactured by our longstanding partners Hecht Contactlinsen GmbH and Säntis Medi Lens.

The diversity of the system

For their careful and precise adjustment now is always the appropriate, high-quality product available: for example, TOPO - the lens system, the topographical characteristics of the cornea and the anterior segment to a greater extent than previously considered.

Prolens will continue to support you as a contact lens specialist if you want more for your customers than just clothing lenses.

With our fitting philosophy we want you, the contact lens specialists as partners, work in the service of contact lens wearers in common.

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